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Always enthusiastic, and intermittently intelligent, film and television discussions between former video store clerks. Hosted by Clay Keller and Ryan Marker.

Jun 30, 2016

#AllDavidFincherMovies. In which we talk about all of David Fincher's movies.

Recorded at Vidiots in Santa Monica

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Jun 25, 2016

Have you noticed the podcast firming up? Maybe it's because we're talking about the 9th film in the Star Trek film canon, 1998's INSURRECTION. Join us as we switch to manual and navigate metaphasic radiation, holodeck ships and all-singing, all-dancing, all-fightin' Patrick Stewart. 

Recorded at Vidiots in Santa...

Jun 23, 2016

Vidiots Executive Director Maggie Mackay returns to the podcast to discuss Martin Scorsese's AFTER HOURS and Bob Fosse's LENNY. But first, the inaugural round Vidiots Show's "Title That Title" game!

Recorded at Vidiots in Santa Monica

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Jun 18, 2016

Lock and load! BuzzFeed Senior Film Reporter Adam B. Vary joins the crew for a mission back in time to stop the Borg from enslaving humanity with uncomfortable sexuality. Jonathan Frakes' directorial debut is certainly the best TNG film, but do we draw the line at including it among Trek's very best?  

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Jun 16, 2016

And now, the thrilling conclusion! Guest David Janove returns to provide commentary as Clay and Darren "draft" the top 7 films in the PIXAR filmography. What transpires is perhaps the most heated and nerve-wracking Vidiots Show draft yet!

Recorded at Vidiots in Santa Monica