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Always enthusiastic, and intermittently intelligent, film and television discussions between former video store clerks. Hosted by Clay Keller and Ryan Marker.

Feb 22, 2017

On the last day at the original Vidiots store, Clay is joined by fellow Vidiots clerks Ryan and Robbie to provide some final recommendations for guest renter David Janove.

Next week: Darren's back for our Oscars wrap-up! 

Recorded at Vidiots in Santa Monica.

Feb 16, 2017

Vidiots Executive Director Maggie Mackay joins Clay and Ryan to discuss the next chapter in the Vidiots story. 

Recorded at Vidiots in Santa Monica

Feb 16, 2017

Clay is joined by guest co-host Ryan Marker to discuss Spike Lee's DO THE RIGHT THING and Ryan Coogler's FRUITVALE STATION. Also: THE KNICK season 2, the pilot of FX's LEGION, and free ads for Seeso and Filmstruck? 

Feb 1, 2017

As the title would suggest, we geek out over / critically analyze the filmography of the Master of Horror, Mr. John Carpenter!

Recorded at Vidiots in Santa Monica